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The shift from corporate to creative life

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

A few years ago I came out of the corporate world as a Marketing Manager and became a full time artist. I studied Fine Art at University and have always had a passion for creativity, the Arts in general and creating pieces of my own. When I came out of uni, social media was a thing of the future, so getting out in the world as an artist and making a living from it seemed very far away. In today’s world, social media, for lots of industries, has opened up no end of opportunities for artists and creators to show their skills and passion, to network and collaborate with communities and engage with a much wider audience than ever before, which in turn has allowed many of us to develop and grow successful businesses that are thriving.

When I graduated (2004), the world was a different place to what it is now. I moved around a few temp jobs and roles in companies I’d worked in over the summer holidays to earn some money. I jumped around data entry roles and customer service support roles for a while. In my head I didn’t feel like I could depend on my art alone to support me financially, so I started to explore roles that were creative but which were established corporate roles, and cutting a long story short, that’s really how I got into Marketing.

I worked at my last employment for around 12 years, and in that time, worked in business, development and customer support roles. I then decided to study further and did a Marketing qualification with CIM the Chartered Institute for Marketing. It was following this qualification that I started to work in the marketing team, and after a few years, worked my way up to Marketing Manager position.

Life and work were busy for lots of different reasons than I have now, but I still, in my gut, had a passion for art that I just knew I wasn’t fulfilling. But time just seemed to slip by, life continued and producing art at that time became an occasional pastime.

After I had my daughter in 2018, life again changed. I changed and I recognised at this time of becoming a new mum that I was struggling and there was a little voice in my head that said ‘just start drawing, do some art, draw anything…’

It was like a force that was willing me, knowing it would help and it did, and I felt lifted, like a light had been turned on again, and my passion for art had been re-ignited. At the time I was drawing to help my wellbeing and mental health, but then I started posting a few pieces, and feedback from people grew my confidence and everything just seemed to slip into place from there, like it was meant to be. In 2019 I finished my biggest piece ‘festive days’ (which had been sitting for years not being touched) and I was so pleased. I finally started to feel like my art had direction and I was discovering my own style in producing them, whether it was paintings or drawings.

Between 2019 and 2022 I continued to progress my artwork, enjoying the benefits it had on my wellbeing but also I felt I’d found my passion again and was determined not to give it up.

At this time I decided to study Art Therapy which really interested me. From a personal experience I have a passion for wellbeing and mental health, I am a mental health first aider, and having known how much of a difference creating art did for me I wanted to explore the psychology behind it. I loved the meditative benefits of doodling and creating mandalas. These were some of the main art therapy exercises I practice and it does really help. It amazes me that things that seem so simple, can have such a profound effect on our wellbeing.

I've popped some quick guides together for art therapy exercises. Here's one on Doodling, and I’ve written a few blogs previous about art therapy so I’ve dropped the links below.

Doodling sessions for Mindful Meditation (

In Lockdown: Relieving the creative block (

The link between art, health and wellness (

Jumping forward to 2020 was the year when the COVID pandemic hit the world and life as we knew it was turned upside down. It was in this year that things took a huge turn for me and in October 2020 I became the owner of my business, selling art and producing commissions.

After years of working in the corporate world, it was a huge transition to make but I’ve not looked back and I’ve definitely learnt to trust the voice in my head and my gut a bit more.

I’m so grateful for the skills and experience in marketing and business development I have been able to develop throughout my career. Coupled with my profession as a Fine Artist, I really feel I’m where I should be and I can only look forward to where things go from here.

Over the last few years, I feel I've learnt a lot about growing a business as a Artist and as a business owner. If you think I can help you, I'd be more than happy to share my experience, lessons learnt and tips I've found helpful. drop me an email and let chat.

Bye for Now x

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