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Spring is in the air, and in my Art

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

As I’m writing this, the sun is shining and I can hear birds tweeting away outside. ‘Spring is finally here’ I think with a smile on my face. Three months of the year seems to have flown by.

I love spring time, the sense of new beginnings, colour and the fresh scent of flowers in the air. Plus, of course, the longer days and more daylight…just fills me with a feeling of energy, vitality and positivity. I’m sure many of us feel the same.

The streets where I live are lined with Blossom trees exploding with all shades of pink and cream. The colours are so vibrant in contrast to the browns and green of grass and tree bark. It’s beautiful to see and when they fall, they cascade along the ground like confetti. Soon gone, but so pretty whilst they' here.

Daffodils also line the roads. Their yellow colour spiking through here and there, through long blades of grass and hedgerow. So bright, like little starlight’s by the roadside.

I must admit when I first started to see the first shoots of Daffodils and Tulips in the garden I couldn’t help but feel a buzz and give a subconscious ‘whoop!' With the expectation of warmer days ahead:-)

I found this poem I wanted to by Carole Mullen which sums Spring up in such lovely words…

Spring is budding green joy

Fresh breeze and sunshine

Birds singing

Water running

Children sloshing through puddles

On the sidewalk

Spring breathes anticipation

Green shoots sprouting from the earth

Unfurling into flowers

The sweet scent of hyacinths

A baby bird learning how to fly

Spring sweeps the dust out of our corners

As we wake up

As we look and listen

To the promise of a morning sunrise

To joy unfolding

To a glowing new life

Lovely isn't it? To me it encapsulates Springtime so well. Every time I read I cant help but smile.

Springtime has also inspired a few floral pieces. These are pen and metallic ink drawings, using three primary colours I love to use, black, gold and silver. I like the style and though it doesn’t boast lots of colour, to me the use of line effects through pen and ink portray a warm and pleasant feel. I hope you like them to.

As well as drawings, I've also enjoyed creating these water colour floral paintings of lavender, and other flowers in my garden.

Bye for now x

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