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Questions for the creator

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

It was Friday. I was sat in a lovely quaint café, drinking my warm Latte and started to think about what to write for my next blog. I was watching the world go by and contemplating what to write about and it suddenly dawned on me that I had a topic already to hand. I was looking at my notebook, something I take everywhere with me, 1) because I have a brain like a siv and scared that I’ll forget anything…and I probably will and 2) because when you’re inspired or you have an idea, you never have a pen or paper to write it down, so my notebook is my pocket friend.

I realised that I had noted down some of the questions people have asked me as an artist, so I thought in this blog, I could share these with you, and answer a few to!

So here goes…

What are you currently working on?

Currently I’m working on my next festival inspired piece. its 100x 100cm and I'm really enjoying the process of being more abstract with this one. I’m not sure what it will turn out like, and I kind of like not knowing, and letting the creative juices flow where they need to, in whatever direction it feels right to go in.

Are you traveling for your art?

I’ve not travelled abroad for a while but I’d like to explore Switzerland, Holland and Italy some more. I travel a lot in the UK, with my husband, daughter…and the dog, in our campervan. We love the outdoorsy lifestyle and I often take inspiration from my travels to the coast, Derbyshire and the festivals and events we attend.

What is your process like?

It depends on my mood and what I'm inspired to create. Sometimes I'll take time to think the process through, make notes (in my pocket friend) draw sketches and get an idea of composition and colour. Other times I start on canvas and finish on canvas. I have an idea in my head, I think about it and its composition, I get a brush, black paint and mark out how this would look on the canvas, the bare bones so to speak! Then I continue to build on it, continuing to add colour, detail, layering and creating depth. Sometimes I enjoy it and I think, ‘yes I’ve got to a good place with that today’ other times I could tear my hair out in frustration because there’s something not right. But that’s the creative process and I love being alive to my senses bringing the emotion into the painting as I progress it.

Who are your favourite artists?

I have lots, but I would say some favourites are, Terry Setch, Peter Lanyon, Jackson Pollock, Georgia O’Keefe to name a few – visit my blog about Terry Setch and Peter Lanyon here>

Why do you create art?

I create art because it makes me happy and it defines who I am. Being creative is one of my core values. Simply without it I don’t feel my whole self. I love being creative, I enjoy it and that its such pleasure to create pieces others can enjoy to!

What is your favourite piece you’ve created?

So far my favourite piece is Festival Days. The process was ‘up’ and ‘down’ to create it, but I was pleased with the outcome and it was sold within the month. I was so surprised and proud.

What is your favourite place to create in?

I have a small studio at home, but I love to work outside, with space and nature around me. It really fills your senses and is great for wellbeing. If only we had permanent sunshine, I would be out there everyday! :-)

Bye for now x

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