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My ‘happy place’ – a work in progress

I’ve recently been working on a new festival painting and wanted to share my work in progress.

I’ve recently put a short video together describing my aspirations for the piece and what it represented which you can view below. This was at the early stages of the painting. My aspirations haven’t changed but the painting has certainly evolved since then.

One thing I love about the way I progress my paintings is that I simply start with an idea in my head. What I’m learning as an artist and as I do more of these paintings is that for me, to plan too much of what the painting might become, almost feels to restrictive and rigid. I want my pieces to flow freely and evolve as I develop them and for me that makes the creative process even more exciting! You never quite know how it will come together but it does, and when it feels complete, it simply is.

Meet 'Happy Days' Acrylic and mixed media on Canvas.

‘Happy days’ – work in progress

‘Happy days’ – work in progress

The idea was to develop a painting that expressed and demonstrated the difference between the busyness of our daily lives, the hum-drum of daily living and routine, compared to the feeling when we break free of the norm, experience new things, laugh, come together, meet interesting people, and build a positive outlook to live well and happy in the world of today.

I wanted to show the busyness of time and use colour and mark making to show the movement between the two, coming from dark, quiet and still to light, joy, fun and play. As darker tones at the bottom corner start to work up the canvas, they begin to fade away and be taken over by lighter, more colour, bringing energy, joy and feeling of escape.

My style is becoming more abstract. And I like it. I think the more I ‘let-go’, the more my style develops, the freer I feel and less restricted to let the painting come together naturally, letting instinct, expression and natural emotion control how I apply the paint, mixed-media, colour and marks to create it.

Hope you like it. Watch this space for the finished piece - Instagram @ellielovettartist :-)

Bye for now x

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