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  • Ellie Lovett

Moments in time, memories for life. Drawings that stirred emotion and inspired me to move on.

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

It was about 7 years ago and I was dabbling back into producing art. I did only a few drawings at the time. Life got busy, and priorities were elsewhere. I never thought that creating art for me would be so important, and now that I have totally immersed myself in producing art, I realise how much it has helped me to manage my emotions, anxiety and how much I actually missed it.

Here’s a story about my first figurative drawing that I produced, and that inspired a series of drawings later on.

I remember it so well. It was a warm Saturday afternoon. The sun was out, and I was sitting in my garden, on my bench, just slightly under our big ash tree, savouring the shade and enjoying the slight breeze. I remember hearing birds tweeting, and the distant hum of lawn mowers as homeowners race to get the lawns cut on a good day!

I remember feeling lost, and I was missing someone very special in my life. My mum. She passed away about 11 years ago now and I remember feeling this urge to want to draw, to sit and let my thoughts and emotions be expressed on paper. So I sat, put my sketchbook on my lap, got my 2b pencil from my case, and stared down at the blank paper.

I remember thinking, ‘Just draw what you see in your mind’, ‘what do you miss’, ‘this will help.’ reassuring myself that even though it would stir emotion I knew may not be comfortable to go through, it was going to help me process the emotion and enable me to ‘sit with the feelings’, I had of losing someone so special.

I would have loved the chance to just sit with her again, as I was on that summer's day.

Something sprung to mind and I started to draw what I was missing. It was the loss of my mum not there and the wish that she was, that started these simple yet so meaningful drawings.

The first one represented me and my mum sitting, looking out to the distance, together, quiet, happy, peaceful. Just letting time pass by, being in the moment. That precious moment when life stops, nothing else matters but that moment. It was so poignant to me and I felt a great sense of connection through these drawings. It was my therapy and still is.

I never thought that I would revisit this simple style of drawing, and start to produce others and evolve my style further. The connection and subtle story between the figures, the sense of something personal and private shared with only them. Quite powerful, yet quiet, sensitive and thoughtful.

A few customers who bought some of my later figurative works said that they reminded them of friendship, love, connection, family, friends, and stirred deep emotions, forming a connection between them and the scene portrayed.

Especially at this time, I think we’re craving connection and a hug from a loved one. In a time that has been so tough for so many, and where our one natural reaction and instinct, to hug, to old others close is taken away, may we all find drawings, and artwork like this, soothe our souls, bring us peace, quiet contemplation and hope for better days ahead.

Bye for now. Take care x

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