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Meet the artist

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

This is my first ever blog on my new website so I’m thinking a ‘welcome everyone’ and an intro on me would be good starter for ten! As I keep ‘blogging’ I’ll delve deeper into some topical content that I hope you enjoy.

So, here goes…

I’m Ellie, and a post-grad full time artist. I have a daughter, and I'm married to my long term partner, Jamie.

I graduated in 2004, yes 2004! I know it was a long time ago and whilst you may be thinking ‘why has it taken until now to start blogging about it my art’ – I would just like to say that it’s ‘better late than never!’ – Sometimes you just have to wait for the right time – and I think this is it for me. Yes, at 36 years old. Anyway, enough about that, back to me as an abstract artist and creator….

For me art is therapy. It’s my therapy, and I’m all for wellbeing and a healthy mind. Enough said!

So, I graduated from De Montfort Uni and thoroughly enjoyed my years there. It was a great experience and one that stretched the creative boundaries to help me become an #artist in my own right. I experimented, as you should at uni, on a number of mediums, installation, metal work/welding, sculpture and painting. Painting ended up being the medium I continued with and enjoyed working with the most.

Urban Abstract

My most favourable and memorable pieces of work I produced were large acrylic on canvas paintings inspired by nature and the landscape. I would double expose my photography so one picture overlapped the other on the film. Once processed, the effect it created was very interesting and transferring this onto canvas as abstract art was a really enjoyable process. I think some of best works were done at that point.

So to the present day and my art has, over the years taken different turns. Experimenting with different styles and exploring the world of craft-making have kept me enjoying the creative process of all things arty.

My current personal work, outside of commission based art pieces, are inspired by festivals. I…love…festivals and been lucky enough to go to a few – #Glastonbury and #Shambala are definitely up there! To me they are one of the best environments to be immersed in all things creative, be inspired, express yourself, let go and open your mind to trying new things.

I was looking through some of my festival photos on my phone (whilst reminiscing on those good old days!) and started to sketch out the scenes. They soon evolved into #drawings, using just three main colours, black, gold and silver. It was like a spark had been lit and I suddenly found a style that I really felt portrayed the scenes as I wanted, in an abstract way, using imagination, memory and expression.

These have also now evolved into paintings on canvas, and I've also completed a few festival commissions to.

So, I guess you could say you’re now up to speed on me. Look forward to sharing some more topical blog content as I get going.

Thanks for reading and I hope you stick around to hear more from me.

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