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‘Lifted’ A recent painting produced for a loving home.

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Two months ago I was asked to produce an abstract painting that would sit proudly on a living room wall.

When I visited my clients, we discussed the type of art they enjoyed, what colours they particularly loved and wanted in the piece and where it was to be situated. The room decor was whites/creams, grey’s and silvers, and quite minimalist, with some fabulous style and well balanced decor.

They wanted a piece that brought together the colour palette and decor of the room, and have something in their living space which they could enjoy as part of the space. Originally there were also thoughts around including zodiac signs to represent them and their children in the piece, which was explored, however didn’t get added to represent the element of family in the painting.

The beginning of 'Lifted'

I wanted the paint to move and flow, with elements of texture so I used a spatula and palette knife, as well mixing sand with paint, adding oil based spray paint and water based acrylic directly to the canvas creating its own texture as the two mediums mixed together. It created a mottled/bubbled effect which was a really lovely texture to work with.

As it progressed, I could see the composition starting to come together. It was becoming quite an interesting #abstract piece, and to me it told a story of connection between living and family, the ebb and flow of life, and the play on light and dark.

I decided to call the piece ‘Lifted’ and its’ not proudly placed in situ at its forever home.

The final piece 'Lifted'

"Very excited to have our first piece of 'commissioned' artwork up on the wall...I had absolutely no idea as to what was involved in getting a piece of artwork like this done...Ellie was fantastic and made the process’s so lovely to have a personal piece of art on the wall"

L . Fisher

I hope you like it and enjoyed reading about it.

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Bye for Now x

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