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Capturing special moments & memories in time...

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Capturing special moments is one of those things that we treasure the most and that we want to hold onto for as long as we can.

In this blog, I wanted to share some of my recent commissions that have collectively brought memories, places and feelings together, as a montage, in one piece of art.

My figurative illustrative style has evolved since I began these drawings, but I still use black marker and metallic gold and silver ink to add depth and dimension to the pieces, allowing the uniqueness of this style to capture and bring together each different element of the


They showcase love, friendship and fond memories. In there simplicity, they draw you in, and tell a story, representing a personal moment shared.

'You, Me and the places we've been' was the most recent commission I worked on last month, and I say this all the time with these pieces, but it really touches my heart when people share with me the stories and background behind wanting to do a piece for them. They are allowing you into their world, their lives, and that to me is incredibly touching.

It is also very helpful when creating these pieces. I want to ensure that what I'm representing and featuring in the illustrations is what the customer wants to see and what memories and feelings it evokes every time they look at it. Thats why I work closely with the customer to produces these types of commissions. To be its really important to take the time to collect any reference material, chat it through with the customer and take them a long the creative journey with you.

With all my illustrations, after gaining all the reference material, I also always create the drawing digitally, then show a sketch of the illustration (and what's in my head) to them so they can understand the creative, and we can explore any slights tweaks, additions etc. I'll then move to finalising the sketch. Once this is done I'll then resize it accordingly, print and use this as my guide to start the final drawing.

This one was a personal gift a lady wanted me to create for her partner, for their anniversary. I've produced these in A4 and A3 depending on how much materials needs to be added. Its important to give enough white space to allow the drawing to breath, as much as having a balance throughout that and the artwork to.

figurative illustration drawing commission pen and metallic marker
You, Me and the places we've been
illustrative drawing figurative art
You, me and all we are

Explore some close ups.....

If you're looking for a unique gift, maybe for mum, dad or someone special, maybe something that represents your family, friends or special moments and memories that you want represented this way, drop me a note and we can chat through what you would like, or explore more on my Etsy shop.

Customer Quote

"I recently asked Ellie to create a drawing for me for an anniversary present and it is absolutely beautiful. She took the time to understand what it was I was hoping for and the meaning behind what I wanted to be incorporated and the result was amazing, absolutely love it! Very good communication throughout the process and packaged really well too, so arrived safely. Thankyou Ellie!"

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Bye for now x

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