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  • Ellie Lovett

Art and Natures Balance

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Natures balance

There's something about the love of nature that is a real joy. Nature helps us feel connected, rejuvenated, peaceful and calm. Think about it for a moment. Have you ever sat in a field or sat by a river perhaps, listened to the sound of the rushing water, or watched as bees busy themselves picking up nectar as they rush from one flower to the next? how does it make you feel?

Being connected to nature can help us re-balance, maintain wellness and provide fresh perspectives where we can sometimes feel lost. A calmness to replace the chaos if you like. As a natural healer, nature has a big part to play in all our lives, and as humans, we have a crucial role in maintaining it.

We know that climate change, the way we're using earth's resources, how we care for the very creatures that help our very existence are all important factors where we should all 'do our bit' to help. When I was young, I was fortunate enough to have a family of farmers, who cared for the land, nature and animals that served it. I learnt a lot about being resourceful, caring for nature and learning life skills. It certainly helped me appreciate it.

Rutland Water - one of my favourite camping spots

I feel very lucky to be surrounded by parks, nature reserves and wild countryside I live so close to. As my daughter grows, I want her to appreciate all the natural world offers. The beauty it provides, and the kindness we should show it. So, fingers crossed I teach her well! :-)

Campa-vanning and creativity

Out in the VW T4 - our second home

There is no doubt that the campervan lifestyle and its connection to nature has grown on me as I've grown older, there's definitely something in the free living it provides! no really, there is!

We've had our campervan for over 7 years, and I can honestly say, I love it. A home on wheels - you can literally go anywhere! The sense of freedom and feeling completely immersed in your surroundings, and in nature, is good for the soul.

And as an artist, it continues to inspire my artwork, using the outdoors, nature, life-experiences and travel. It gives me the opportunity to explore land and the objects within it, to sketch ideas and embrace (and make a note) of the senses and emotions that springs to mind. My artwork is underpinned by feelings drawn from memories, photographs and emotions. These are key components I use throughout the creative process. How these are transposed onto canvas is an important part of how my artwork comes together.

For the love of festivals and art

As a lover of #festivals, one of the things I most admire about festivals such as Glastonbury and Shambala, is their continual commitment to the #naturalworld. There beliefs and core values that campaign for us to respect our planet, to help care for our delicate eco-system, their very passion and drive to embrace a culture of care, respect and love for natures balance is truly admiring. Who wouldn't want to play their part in it.

Just this year, when #Glastonbury once again hit out screens, or you were lucky enough to go, an artist my the name of Wolfgang Buttress created a multi-sensory experience in the Greenpeace field called Beam. I found this fascinating. A truly inspiring piece that connects the natural world, our beloved Bees, to bring an unforgettable experience.

"Sounds and vibrations from the farm of Glastonbury Festival’s host Michael Eavis, are sent as live signals to the sculpture and woven into a tapestry of light and sound. The bees are Cornish Black Bees. Their sounds are interwoven with specially composed music. The ambition is to evoke a sense of peace, a sense of communication with nature, connecting with the real-time activity of honey bees. " BBC Earth

This is definitely worth a watch...

Bye for now x

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