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A story about ‘Festive Vibes' 2019

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Art takes on many changes before you can see what it was always meant to be.

When I first started this painting, admittedly it was a few years ago. A day when I sat looking out of my window and realised I was missing it. Missing the creative Ellie, the artist, and as it’s such as passion of mine, I started to wonder why I’d ever stopped. I know, I can’t believe I’m actually saying I stopped creating art but I did. Life took over in some ways, it became busy, less focused on those things that made me, me. There were also some very sad times that as we all know, can take an immense amount of energy and time to recover from. Maybe I’ll go into that another time.

So there I was contemplating where to start, how to get my creative juices flowing and find inspiration. I took time to think about what made me smile, what I enjoyed, what I wanted to convey in my work and in occurred to me that I’d had such wonderful experiences and memories from attending festivals that this was where I would begin.

I sorted my art space out, realised I had materials and canvases that had been collecting dust, and, well, started my canvas which was to become a piece I absolutely adore.

Meet the beginnings of ‘Festive Vibes’. Very different to the outcome, the painting was created from the memory and feelings of the #festival environment, the fun, the colour, the energy, I wanted to convey it all in my own style. This was based on my times at #Glastonbury. The diverse areas, the people, the energy and the vibe were my #inspiration to how this piece developed. It truly is a place to get lost in. Not lost as in, Lost but, let go, lose yourself, and find yourself again, a chance to refocus and rebuild. As well as having the privilege to see some great music and bands, I’d come across incredible art installations, culture, inspiring people, political messages and hidden gems of delight as I wondered. A truly all inspirational experience.

This #painting took many stages of change before I felt it was finished, and many hours. I was almost nervous to add more to it. I didn’t know where it was going at the time, I just knew I had to trust my instinct and my #creative ability to help develop the painting further. Some days I’d be happy with the progress, other days I’d put my brush down and need a G&T. The up’s and down’s of an artist hey (oh that’s a good topic for another blog! – pause as I ponder on that :-))

Then one day it started to feel like it was coming together. I could see the direction in where I was going and this made me smile. There was more depth, the colours, marks and texture were telling a story and expressing the mood I wanted to portray. I was able to build further on this and eventually I felt I was on the path to completion.

Meet the finished ‘Festive Vibes’. This is the final piece. It may sound corny but I feel like this #canvas really sings to me. It’s busy, vibrant, energetic, colourful, and fun. And I love it. I hope you do to.

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest #artblog. I’d love to hear from you if you have any comments, want to talk Art with me or just want to connect. Oh and if you are interested in ‘Festive Vibes’, it is for sale on my Etsy shop

Bye for now x

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