10 Minute Art Time 

Art exercises for mindful meditation and wellbeing...

I've created a few new videos of some fab Art exercises I love that I use, and that can help with wellbeing and mental health, creating time to re-focus, reduce stress, and find inner calm.

For these exercises, all you need is 10 minutes, a piece of paper, a pen, and a ruler.

You can include more materials if you wish.

Remember there are no mistakes so just enjoy the process, the time out and chance to refocus, and doing something arty.

Here's one on drawing doodles...

  • Start with drawing a squiggle making sure the two ends meet

  • Then draw your lines, shapes and patterns in the spaces. Test some different patterns and mark making beforehand if you like

  • Just keep adding to your doodle until its finished whether that 10 minutes or longer

How to create a doodle....

Here's one on drawing a mandala...


Mandala's are also a great tool for self expression, self healing and self exploration.

You will also need a compass (or something like a plate or bowl to draw round) for this exercise.


  • Draw a box 20 x 20 cm. Then find the centre of that box. That is your starting point.

  • Then get your compass (or bowls), place them on the paper in the centre of the box, draw round them.

  • You now have the basic structure for your mandala, split into 4 quadrants.

  • Start in the centre and start drawing your pattern. Think about the use of line, marks, symbols, dots etc that you can use. Each quadrant should be identical.

How to create a mandala....

Here's one on drawing a Zentangle...


Creating zentangles is a simple and repetitive process which can bring focus whilst the simple repetition of pattern making can alleviate stress. It is a form of active meditation.

  • Create a square on paper 15x15cm


    Draw lines, curvers or squiggles across the square


    Then between the lines, make a series of shapes

  • Repeat the shape between each line

How to create a zentangle....