About Ellie Lovett Artist

Hello, I'm Ellie. I'm an abstract impressionist artist based in Leicestershire. 

Here are some facts about me:

💍I'm married to my hubby Jay and have a 2 yr old daughter. She is our world.
🎨I am a Fine Artist and studied at De Montfort University (a looonnngg time ago!)
📝I have roles as a Wellbeing champion & Mental Health First Aider.
❤ I love producing art most days. To me, creativity, health & wellness go hand in hand
🤗 I think hugs are essential – try it for 20 seconds, see how you feel!
🚐 Campervan + festivals = best days ever!
👟 Running and keeping fit are my 'go to's' 
🎶 I sing most of the time (I’m sure Jay loves hearing me….all…the…time!)
🐶 Our dog Tilly is cheeky, funny and soooo lovable
❎ I don’t like yogurt with bits in, or soggy fruit!
😍 I love sausage rolls which is routinely…without fail…a Friday treat!
🙏I believe that if we approach life with a balanced view, we would be a lot better off for it.
For me, aside from Art being great for our wellbeing, Art is a real passion. After having a break, when 'life' took over, I'm now raring to go and do what I love. And hopefully make a real business out of it. 
I graduated from De Montfort Uni in Leicester and thoroughly enjoyed my years there. It was a great experience and one that stretched the creative boundaries to help me become an artist in my own right. I experimented, as you should at uni, on a number of mediums. Painting and drawing ended up being 'my thing' that I continued with and enjoyed working with the most.

My artwork is inspired by expression, imagination and emotion, drawing ideas from the outdoors, nature, life-experiences and travel. I've always loved nature, been inspired by it and always felt attached to it. Its always where I've felt calmest and most at peace which I think is what drives my love for it.

My creativity takes me in various different directions and I've realised that I like the balance of creating soft, delicate small pieces as well as large expressive pieces. I flip from abstract and energetic, to calm and thoughtful in my pieces. My art is very much in tune with the two sides of my emotions. 


Many artists, new and old inspire me everyday. those who has remained old favourites are by Matisse, Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Peter Lanyon and Terry Setch.

Art & Wellness

Art and creativity is great for our mental health and wellbeing in so many ways. It can help us create mindfulness and lead balanced and happy lives.

Join my group to explore more about Art & Wellness>

As an Artist I know how much creating art and being creative means to me and how important it is for my health and wellbeing. Having suffered with trauma and mental health myself it’s really helped me to process emotion, express feeling and create positivity in my life.

I now champion wellness and continue to broaden my understanding of Mental Health, as a Mental Health first Aider.


Why Workshops

Art and creativity can help support our health and wellbeing. My workshops are an opportunity for adults and children to get creative, learn skills, have fun and feel good.

My wellness workshops touch on some of the exercises you can use to create mindfulness and a more calm state of mind. Having taking a course in Art Therapy, I regularly use the art of making mandalas, zentangles and zendala’s as a way to cure a busy mind and refocus my thoughts. It really does help.

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